We support you through the complete installation of your vending machine and its software and we provide staff training. Once the equipment is installed, you have two options: either you take charge of the management or you entrust it to us.

This system provides you with automated management for many tasks. The software notifies you when the alert stock of an item has been reached, you can know the status of your inventory in real time, every week an order is sent automatically to your suppliers with the missing items, either by EDI or by email.

Then, you have two options :

Internalised management

The vending machine management is internalised. You are fully in charge of it and you manage yourself the databases of the items, the suppliers and the employees.

– You have a fully configurable reporting on how frequently items are received, which managers and which facilities are concerned, or even on an internal project code.
– You can check the vending machine’s inventory at any time
– You can set your alert stocks for each item
– You can also extract all the necessary data other than your reporting
– You have a platform that allows you to create and delete users of the vending machines. You can also manage some items or suppliers.
– You manage the communications displayed on the screen of the vending machine.

Outsourced management

Another option is to entrust us with the management of your vending machine.
In this case, we take care of setting up your system, managing the administration of user badges, creating alerts on product validity dates, sending emails to notify suppliers of missing items.


Concerning replenishing, we can take care of it or you can also choose to outsource it. In France, people with disabilities working in the nearby French ESAT (Établissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail) are often in a position to provide this weekly service.

Level 1 maintenance (coil change, engine…) can be performed by the same service provider you choose for the filling. Of course, we provide them with training and spare parts for quick intervention.