A simpler procurement process, time saving for the employee and his or her manager, complete and immediate stock control: the Logiprox vending machine offers many advantages.


The assets for the user and the manager:

– Simplicity

The machine is user friendly. The user selects the item he wants to issue, scans his badge on the reader. The products are available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Time saving
Once the product has been selected by the employee, the vending machine dispenses the product in less than three seconds. For his part, the manager is notified by the software before the item is out of stock.

– Safety
To ensure a secured distribution, each badge is configured in advance for a type of product. No employee can access an item he or she is not entitled to. In addition, each product has a data sheet or operating instructions when issued.


Other advantages

On the user side :

Unlike competing systems, the items are visible through the vending machine’s window. It is therefore easier to select them.

On the manager side :

Reduced consumption
Managers save more than 20% on products consumption. Access to the vending machine is controlled (budget management, subcontractors controlled access).
Suppliers only charge for product consumption.

Automated management, multi-product, multi-supplier
The stock management is automated. The vending machine is designed to meet the greatest variety of requirements. The system makes it possible to provide the users with protective masks, safety vests, laptops as well as Post-it pads.